FAQs about Buses and More Twin Cities

Have a question about one of our buses? Try one of these frequently asked questions.

Can you help finance the purchase of a bus?

Yes! We can help you finance your bus, no matter where you buy your bus. Buses and more can help you obtain some of the best financing rates and terms from top finance companies that know the bus business.

With everything I hear on the news about trouble in the credit markets, is there finance money available for me to purchase a motor coach?

Yes! The finance companies we work with have money available today! They have been in the motor coach business for many years and they have no problem financing good buses.

Can you help me find the specific coach I’m looking for?

Yes! We have decades of experience in the bus industry including driving, repairing, maintaining, buying, and selling busses. We have lots of industry connections and our available inventory is continually changing. If you don’t see the specific coach you are looking for.

Can you help me decide which model motor coach is right for me?

Yes! We can help fit you with the perfect motor coach for your business or group – based on your requirements like passenger capacity, use of the coach and your budget.

How much do repairs and maintenance cost to operate a Motor Coach?

Starting off with the right coach in good mechanical condition is critical to being able to accurately budget for maintenance and repairs. Our experience shows that complete motor coach maintenance should typically cost around $0.25 to $0.35 per mile. Maintenance and repairs must be performed by experienced technicians at an authorized service center like C&J Bus Repair in Bloomington, MN for your program to be successful.

Can you help me setup a maintenance program?

Yes! We work with our customers to help them setup a maintenance program that is as good for their buses as it is for their bottom line. This is a very important part of making your motor coach business successful. Contact Us and ask.

Do you recommend any good bus shops in my area for parts, service and repair work?

Yes! Repairs and Maintenance must be performed by experienced technicians at a reputable facility like C&J Bus Repair in Bloomington, MN which is an authorized MCI Service and Warranty Center. With our many years of experience in the industry we have built up a network of “Bus Friendly” repair facilities all across the country.

I need custom conversion work done to my motor coach, can you help?

Yes! Buses and More can help you with any customization needs you may have. We have been in the custom coach conversion and custom truck conversion business for many years. We can help you find that specialized customized vehicle you need or help you build one to your specifications.

Can you help me turn my used Bus, Motor Coach, RV, Truck, or other vehicle into cash quickly?

Yes! We purchase equipment all across the country.

Unanswered Questions?

If you did not find the answer to your question on this page, just Ask the Bus Guy. As a recognized authority in the bus industry, we are always happy to help out our fellow bus owners.